About the Authors

Dr. Tom Andrews, PhD, MSc; PGDE; BSc (Hons) School of Nursing & Midwifery, Brookfield, College Road, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, although now semi-retired, has worked in Higher Education since 1991.  He has been trained in Classic Grounded Theory by Dr Barney Glaser, one of its originators.  He has supervised seven PhD students using Classic GT to successful conclusion and examined a total of twenty PhDs and two MSc by research.  He is a Fellow of the Grounded Theory Institute and on the editorial board of “The Grounded Theory Review”. He has been involved in several studies using Classic GT and has written extensively on the methodology.  He has been involved in and conducted several Grounded Theory troubleshooting seminars and has lectured extensively on the methodology.  He continues to review for several international nursing journals. Email: t.andrews@ucc.ie

Emily Cashwell, Ph.D., received her doctoral degree in Psychology with a specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrated Health from Saybrook University in Pasadena, California. She learned classic grounded theory under the mentorship of Dr. Kara Vander Linden. Currently, Emily is using classic grounded theory to expand on the theory of coming home that was developed during her doctoral research. She is a former middle school special educator and holds graduate degrees in both special education and nutrition and integrative health. Her current research is focused on the experience of becoming more authentic, particularly as it relates to individuals who identify as queer or neurodiverse. Email: dremilycashwell@gmail.com

Michael Leger, PhD, MBA, BSN – University of Texas Medical Branch, School of Nursing, was introduced to Classic Grounded Theory (CGT) during his Ph.D. program under the guidance of Dr. Carolyn Phillips. He is currently an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) – Galveston School of Nursing where he teaches in the graduate program and serves as a committee member for Ph.D. students using qualitative research methods, particularly CGT. Dr. Leger received his Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from UTMB in 2016. A highlight of his research career thus far was being selected to attend Dr. Barney Glaser’s CGT Troubleshooting Seminar in May 2015. Email: jmleger@utmb.edu

Elizabeth Kellogg, PhD, received her doctorate in Psychology with a specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrated Health from Saybrook University. She is a clinician, DEI facilitator, and an adjunct professor in the Expressive Arts Therapy graduate program at Lesley University. Research interests include embodied cognition and justice, equity and inclusion. Email: ekellog2@lesley.edu

Dr. Claire O’Donnell, PhD, MSc., BSc., Department of Nursing & Midwifery, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, Health Sciences Building, North Bank Campus, University of Limerick, is 14 years working in Higher Education at the University of Limerick, Ireland, as a lecturer in nursing and midwifery and more recently in the role as the Department International Coordinator where she is the lead for Internationalisation, contributing towards managing and further developing the internationalisation agenda within the department and faculty.  Under the supervision of Dr Tom Andrews, Claire used Classic Grounded Theory as the chosen methodology for her PhD which explored the area of how nurses care for patients with stroke in the acute care setting.  Research and supervision experience to date include international and national involvement in both qualitative and quantitative projects on the areas of missed care, stroke, transcultural care, breastfeeding and internationalisation. Email: claire.odonnell@ul.ie

Carolyn A. Phillips, PhD, MSN, BSN – University of Texas Medical Branch, School of Nursing and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, is a faculty member of the Nursing Ph.D. Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. Her primary teaching foci are qualitative methods, dissertation proposal development, and dissertation advisement.  She has mentored several students who completed Classic Grounded Theory dissertations.  Dr. Phillips lives in Dickinson, TX with her three German Shepherd Dogs.

Renee Rolle-Whatley, Ph.D., received her Doctor of Philosophy from Saybrook University, with a functional specialty in Health Care Research. The research concentration allows her to work towards professional goals that encompass moving the boundaries of allopathic medicine and energy healing modalities closer together via evidence-based quantitative and qualitative analysis approaches. She is Co-Founder of Rolle Integrative Healing Solutions, LLC, in Conroe, Texas where she incorporates mind-body medicine techniques that incorporate whole body healing. She is Board Certified in Healing Touch, a Certified Spring Forest QiGong Practice Group Leader, and holds Master and Bachelor degrees in Engineering from Stanford University. Dr. Rolle-Whatley’s outreach work includes co-leading a bi-weekly community-based healing group. Email:  drRenee@rolleihs.com

Cynthia Stirbys, PhD began her study of grounded theory by attending Dr. Barney Glaser’s Trouble-shooting seminars in New York City and then San Francisco. Dr. Stirbys, whose substantive area of research was Indian residential schools in Canada, received her doctorate in Feminist and Gender Studies from the University of Ottawa. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Windsor. Email: cstirbys@uwindsor.ca.

Dr. Kara Vander Linden received her doctorate in education from Fielding Graduate University with specializations in classic grounded theory and higher education. She has a master’s in special education from the University of North Carolina and a BA in mathematics from Queens University.  She also has special training in working with children with dyslexia and reading disabilities. Dr. Kara Vander Linden has been a classic grounded theory (GT) researcher and educator for over 15 years.  She currently teaches research and supervises classic GT dissertations at Saybrook University.  She is a peer reviewer for the Grounded Theory Review and is the founder of the Institute for the Advancement of Classic Grounded Theory (https://classicgroundedtheory.org/).