About the Authors

Rosita Brolin, RN, is a PhD student at the Linneaus University in Växjö, Sweden. Her research is focused on housing and housing support for people with psychiatric disabilities. rosita.brolin@lnu.se

David Brunt, RN, PhD, is a Professor at the Linneaus University, Sweden. His research is mainly focused on the housing situation for people with psychiatric disabilities and aspects of forensic psychiatric care. Current studies include the satisfaction of the residents in supported housing for people with psychiatric disabilities, quality of psychiatric care in various hospital-based and community-based settings and also the effects of the physical and psychosocial environment in forensic psychiatric care on the patients and staff. david.brunt@lnu.se

Tove Giske, RN, Mphil, PhD is a professor and R&D leader at VID Spezialized University in Bergen, Norway. She is an internationally acknowledged GT researcher and  co-author of the book Glasarian Grounded Theory in Nursing Research: Trusting in Emergence (Springer). Her main research areas are patients waiting for a diagnosis and nurses and physicians working with patients in the diagnostic process. She also studies spirituality in health care from patients’, nurses’ and students’ perspectives and collaborates with researchers in Europe and in the US. She is the president of Nurses Christian Fellowship International, an organisation working with nurses worldwide. tove.giske@vid.no

Kara Vander Linden, EdD, is the co-director of the Office of Research at Saybrook University.  In this position, she oversees all student research at Saybrook. She earned a doctorate with a specialization in classic grounded theory from Fielding Graduate University.  She has been teaching and overseeing classic grounded theory dissertations for over 10 years.  dr.k.vanderlinden@gmail.com

Michal Lysek is an industrial Ph.D. student working in the field of Innovation Sciences at Halmstad University in Sweden. Prior to his research studies, he was employed as a software developer by a company named HMS Industrial Networks AB. Michal’s background is in computer systems engineering and in electrical engineering. Michal started learning classic grounded theory in 2014. First by attending a Ph.D. course held by Professor Romeo V. Turcan and Dr. Andy Lowe, and then by attending a troubleshooting seminar held by Dr. Barney Glaser and the Grounded Theory Institute. michal.lysek@hh.se

Mikael Rask, RN, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Linneaus University, Sweden. His research is mainly focused on the interaction between nurses and patients in different psychiatric contexts such as forensic psychiatric care, general adult psychiatric care and community-based psychiatric care. mikael.rask@lnu.se

Susanne Syrén, RN, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at the Linneaus University, Sweden. Her research is mainly focused on long-term severe mental illness from an individual and a family perspective. She is currently working on a study that focuses on the family’s situation when a family member is cared for in forensic psychiatry and is involved in the preparation of a study with the aim of developing knowledge about the life situation for older people with severe mental illness. susanne.syren@lnu.se

Anna Sandgren, RN, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at the Linneaus University, Sweden. She is also co-director of the Center for Collaborative Palliative Care at the Linneaus University. Her research involves different research areas and research methodologies, but with a special focus on palliative care and classic grounded theory. anna.sandgren@lnu.se

Hans Thulesius, MD, PhD, is associate professor at Lund University, at the department of clinical sciences. He has specialized in family medicine and works as general practitioner. He is also employed at the R&D-unit at the Region of Kronoberg. Additionally, he is a member of the editorial board for The Grounded Theory Review.  hans.thulesius@kronoberg.se

Gustaf Waxegard is a PhD student, clinical and developmental psychologist, and psychotherapist, at the Linneaus University, Sweden. He is employed in the Region of Kronoberg at the research and development (R&D) unit as well as at the center for child- and maternal health. He is also teaches developmental psychology at the Linnaeus University. gustaf.waxegard@lnu.se