About the Authors

Ben Binsardi is a reader in the Business and Management department at Glyndwr University. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Texas Tech and Wichita State Universities. He then obtained a PhD from Loughborough, studying econometrics and undertook a Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford. Ben has published several textbooks and research journals in the areas of research methodology, marketing and finance. He is chairing a track at the Academy of Marketing Conference in July 2014. Ben teaches research methodology in conjunction with Jan Green. As a member of Grounded Theory Institute, Ben has been working with Jan Green and professor Andy Lowe to host a number of classic GT workshops at Glyndwr University which have attracted a pan-European attendance.
Email: A.binsardi@glyndwr.ac.uk

Berit Støre Brinchmann, PhD, is a professor in nursing at University of Nordland and University of Stavanger in Norway. She is also a member of the clinical ethics committee at Nordland Regional Hospital in Bodø, Norway. Her research interests include health care ethics, medical ethics, research on next of kin and qualitative research methodology. Her PhD, from University of Oslo, Norway was a grounded theory study on proximity ethics in neonatal care.
Email: berit.store.brinchmann@uin.no

Naomi Elliott was awarded her PhD degree from Queen’s University Belfast and holds professional awards of Registered General Nurse and Registered Nurse Tutor from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. Her integrated clinical and research expertise draws from her experience at the different levels of healthcare: from policy–making whilst working in the Irish Nursing and Midwifery Board, and with the Department of Health and Children, to the design of professional education programmes, to clinical practice in Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand, as well as a diverse range of research methods across numerous healthcare related projects. She first met Dr. Glaser in 2002 during her PhD studies and now has several publications and research presentations on grounded theory. Naomi’s current research interest is the development of new models of care delivery and quality in healthcare for major conditions such as epilepsy. Email: naomi.elliott@tcd.ie

Barney G. Glaser is the cofounder of grounded theory (1967). He received his PhD from Columbia University in 1961. He then went to University of California San Francisco, where he joined Anselm Strauss in doing the dying in hospitals study and in teaching PhD and DNS students methods and analysis. He published over 20 articles on this research and the dying research. Since then, Glaser has written close to 20 more books using and about grounded theory and countless articles. In 1998 he received an honorary doctorate from Stockholm University.
Email: bglaser@speakeasy.net

Jan Green: During a successful corporate career involved with mergers and acquisitions, Jan Green acquired extensive change management experience in the capacity as a practitioner and developed a deep insight into the diverse issues arising during change processes which were of value in her Masters study. A career move to academia resulted in Jan undertaking a classic grounded theory study into accomplished business performance. To support her thesis Jan attended two grounded theory troubleshooting seminars and she is a member of the grounded theory institute. More recently Jan has written and presented papers utilising classic grounded theory which conceptualise concerns related to business competitiveness, the projectification of the workplace and manoeuvres which successfully support the impact of sudden change. She is the co-author, with Ben Binsardi, of Research Methods for Management, published in 2012. Email: jan.green@glyndwr.ac.uk

Alvita Nathaniel is a nurse, educator, and ethicist. She is a Professor at West Virginia University School of Nursing where she has the position of Interim Associate Dean of the Graduate Practice Programs. In 1998 Alvita co-authored the nursing text book, Ethics & issue in Contemporary Nursing. This book is currently in its fourth edition and continues to be popular in the US and internationally. Writing the ethics textbook led to her grounded theory research on moral reckoning, which she continues to pursue along with additional publications focusing on nursing ethics.

Pernilla Pergert is an assistant professor at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Karolinska Institutet and a pediatric nurse specialist at the Childhood Cancer Care Unit, Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. She got her PhD in Pediatric Science from Karolinska Institutet in 2008 using GT and she continues to teach, supervise, and use classic GT. She is the research group leader of the Childhood Cancer Health Care performing research in the two very closely related areas of intercultural nursing and clinical ethics in childhood cancer care. She is also a lecturer and course leader of a national education in Pediatric Oncology for Nurses and teaches in ethics and transcultural care. E-mail: pernilla.pergert@ki.se

Henrik Sollie is a psychologist working at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic at Kristiansund Hospital, Norway. He has also been working with projects regarding consumer satisfaction and cooperation between the special mental health services and the community services. His research interests are assessment, family dynamics, and comorbid problems related to child ADHD, and he is also working on a PhD degree at the Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare, in Central Norway. Email: hesollie@online.no

Isabelle Walsh is full professor at Neoma Business School, France. She defended both her PhD and HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) in Paris-Dauphine University, France. She teaches and does research in the fields of strategy, information systems and change management. She regularly organizes grounded theory workshops in France and the US. She has published several grounded theory studies in different top tier research journals, using both qualitative and mixed data: one of her published GT studies has won this year a best paper award. Email: isabelle.walsh@neoma-bs.fr
Barbara Yalof holds a doctorate in educational technology and e-learning. She is a certified art teacher who has taught and co-led courses and workshops for teachers infusing technology in hybrid and online courses. She has produced digital graphics and illustrations, and enjoys investigating digital software including Web tools and apps related to teaching. She is a Blackboard Exemplary Course Reviewer and peer reviewer for several journals. Dr. Yalof is adjunct faculty in American College of Education’s Online Master’s Degree program in Digital Learning and Teaching. She works with teachers of various levels of experience to develop technology-rich curriculums that increase student engagement and shift more responsibility to the student. Dr. Yalof is also Academic Administrative and Technology Support Specialist at Harcum College. Email: draw.art@verizon.net