Volume 8, Issue no. 1, March 2009


Volume 8, Issue no. 1, March 2009pdf 

Editorial Judith A. Holton, Ph.D.

Jargonizing: The use of grounded theory vocabulary Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D., Hon. Ph.D.

On-the-Job Ethics – Proximity Morality Forming in Medical Schools: A grounded theory Hans O. Thulesius, MD, Ph.D.

Unprivatizing: A bridge to learning   Virginia Leigh Hamilton Crowe, RN, MS, Ed.D. &  Jeanne Ellen Bitterman, MA, MA, Ed.D.

Grounding the Translation: Intertwining analysis and translation in cross-language grounded theory research Svetlana Shklarow, MD, RSW, Ph.D. Candidate