Volume 7, Issue no. 1, March 2008

                                   Volume 7, Issue no. 1, March 2008-pdf 

Editorial Judith A. Holton, Ph.D.

Comparative Failure in Science Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D., Hon. Ph.D.

Overcoming Obstacles: Opportunities of academically talented women in Iran Shahla Alborzi, Ph.D.: Mohammad Khayyer, Ph.D. with the assistance of Tina L. Johnston, Ph.D.

Stabilizing of Life: A substantive theory   Aino-Liisa Jussila, Ph.D.

Pushing For Privileged Passage: A grounded theory of guardians to middle level mathematics students Tina L. Johnston, Ph.D.

Eliciting Spill: A methodological note Alvita Nathaniel, Ph.D.