Response to Hans Thulesius and Vivian B. Martin on Ekins (2011)

Richard Ekins, Ph.D., FRSA

I appreciate the valuable comments from Hans Thulesius and Vivian Martin. Both reviewers usefully and most helpfully pinpoint salient issues to be considered in forging future routes for my ongoing research in jazz historiography. I agree with Vivian Martin that ‘authenticating’ works better for early jazz and first wave USA revivalism (including Bunk Johnson) and would like to say that at the time I wrote the abstract, I was favouring ‘managing authenticity’ over ‘authenticating’ as the core category in order to provide a more embracive category within which to consider early jazz, the 1940s New Orleans jazz revival (including Bunk Johnson), and the world-wide New Orleans jazz revivalist movement which continues to this day. I have, indeed, written elsewhere of all the various phases of New Orleans style jazz considered in terms of the core category/basic social process of ‘authenticating’, e.g., ‘Authenticity as Authenticating – The Case of New Orleans Jazz Revivalism: An Approach from Grounded Theory and Social World Analysis’ (Ekins, forthcoming).

Richard Ekins is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Cultural Studies, University of Ulster, UK. He is a record producer for 504/La Croix Records.

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