Forging a Path for Abstinence from Heroin: A grounded theory of detoxification-seeking

McDonnell, Anne & VanHout, Claire (2011). Forging a Path for Abstinence from Heroin: A groudned theory of detoxification -seeking. The Grounded Theory Review, vol.10, no.1, pp.17-40

Through a classic grounded theory approach, this study conceptualises that the main concern of heroin users who are seeking detoxification is giving up heroin use; ‘getting clean.’ Forging a path for abstinence explains how people respond to their concern of getting clean from heroin. Three sub-processes make up this response which are; resolution (resolving to stop); navigation (deciding how to stop), and initiation (stopping use). These sub-processes are carried out by heroin users within a context of subjective levels of four significant personal resources; dependence knowledge; treatment awareness; treatment access, and alliance. The nature of the resource context greatly determines whether a heroin user seeks detoxification, or not, is response to getting clean. The substantive theory demonstrates that valuable insights are gained from studying heroin users out of treatment experiences of trying to become drug-free.

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